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Define the Ideal Activity Trac


Define the Ideal Activity Tracker or Wearable Coach survey

22.02.2013 17:39

best activity tracker wheel of furtune finalSome have been tracking their activity for several years now, some have just started when majority will discover this … soon !

How about contributing here by giving guidance to vendors about THE TRACKER that you would really like to have ?

We can think about the device itself: is it a clip on or a wrist band (maybe even replacing your current watch) ? Does it track as well accurately where I am via a GPS, how I sleep. Does it control my heart rate …

We can also think about the software that comes with it: how does it integrate with my computer, tablet or smartphone, and does it give me access to MY DATA in an easy format. Can it help me find extra motivation with a community/friends ?

Let’s share ideas and proposals here and invite Adidas, Apple, Fitbit, Google, Jawbone, Nike, Withings and more to get some valuable inputs for their roadmaps …

post your ideas here.

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